Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!! I talked to my dad in Ohio this morning and he is doing great. At 86 years old - he is my hero. I can't express how much I love, admire, and appreciate everything that he has done for me. Thanks Dad!

This mornings workout was cut short due to weather conditions. We took off to run and our group decided to go 6 miles. When we reached the 2 mile mark the sky began to turn black. The question was to go to the 3 mile mark and take cover in the parking garage or turn around. We opted to turn around. Within minutes, big drops of rain began to come down. We picked up the pace alittle. Then I heard a loud crack like lightening had hit something. With .5 miles to go, the wind and rain picked up in a scary way. We made a dash for cover at the Glen Ellyn Library. I could barely see and one gust almost knocked me over. So I ended up with a 3.5 mile run.

We began to worry about the other groups still out there. One other runner joined us and told us the a tree and transformer had been hit by lightening and fell across the trail where we turned around. Shortly several other groups of runners went by running in the street which was flooding. Soon the weather let up and we headed back. I called hubby to let him know that I was OK but he had slept through the entire storm.

In news from Ironman Kansas 70.3, my friend Dan made it out of the swim fine and was on the bike. The next text that I received from Iron Snoopy said that the race was cancelled. I am anxious to hear the story.

Waddling and watching the weather...........


Irene said...

Great picture of your dad! Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers in your life!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is sad about the Kansas 70.3 being cancelled.

Nice pic of your dad :)

Vickie said...

Yes, another weekend of weird and dangerous weather here again too. Its getting to be the norm this summer.