Saturday, June 14, 2008


It is now less than 50 days until Steelhead. The next 3-4 weeks will be the highest intensity training that I have ever done. This past week was my first taste of the increase and double workout days. By the end of the week my legs were toast.

Today was the first big brick that I've done. Ronda and I headed out on our bikes early. (She is also doing Steelhead). As usual, it was windy on the ride. We did 32 miles. We thought we were moving along at a good clip of 18-20 mph until we were passed by several other bikers who went by us like we were standing still. After the bike, we immediately headed out on a 30 min. run.

Tomorrow holds a 6-8 mile run for marathon training. Storms are possible but what else is new?

Waddling and wishing my friend Dan-Good Luck at Ironman Kansas 70.3 tomorrow............


Vickie said...

I'm feeling the pain myself. I go from thinking I can do this to how will I ever do this. 50 days. Uh oh. Hard work ahead.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Time to kick it into gear. Best wishes for good training experiences and no injuries!!

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!! Good luck with the next few weeks!