Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Officially, the Tri season ended for me last weekend in Ohio. Now my focus has turned to my running. I have signed up to run a half on Monday with Snips. She has never run one before and I am so excited for her. Just last weekend , she ran her longest run ever which was 18 miles. I remember the first half marathon and the high of crossing the finish line. Not sure how I'll do but I need to stay running and not listen to the walking voice in my head.

I have still been glued to TV this week. After the Olympics, I thought that I wouldn't be watching as much but I have been drawn in to the Democratic Convention. Not because I belong to the party but because the speeches have been ones that will be remembered for a long time.

Waddling to watch more TV before falling asleep...........



You'll have a blast on Monday, running with a friend.

Enjoy the weekend. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers for my "Big Day"!

Joe said...

Cool!! Have fun will be a huge help to Snips!!!