Saturday, August 16, 2008


It is Saturday morning and it is 6am. Also it is one of the few Saturdays that I have not been up and training. After being very tired this week, I decided yesterday that I would sleep in and take it easy. No early ride. No swim at the pool. I was going to be like the rest of my family and sleep in.

Here I am sitting in my recliner wondering what to do. It is tempting to head out the door for the gym. It is perfect weather for a bike ride. Everyone is still sleeping so I can't do anything around the house. I began reading blogs but the talk of training makes me want to run out the door even more.

Next thought that comes to me is eating. If I am not working out, what's in the kitchen to eat while I am on the computer?? STOP. This makes no sense. I am taking the morning off to eat?

Back to the computer, I start looking at Ironman websites. Hey- there is a new race -IronmanMexico. Again , this makes me want to head out the door.

All of these thought have made me realize something. I don't head out the door on Saurday mornings because I have to. I get up early before everyone else and workout because I enjoy it and it is me.

I am leaving now and will be back before anyone is up.

Waddling on a Saturday morning..............


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hope you enjoyed whatever you decided to do when you took off out the door this morning. :)

Mary Sunshine said...

You are an athlete through and through! Love your spirit.

J~Mom said...

Awesome!! Glad you decided to get out!

Fe-lady said...

Hope you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

How nice to hear you do this because it's who you are and you love it :)