Friday, August 15, 2008

TGIF. I am just exhausted this week. No reason. Just so tired. No excuses. I have cut back my training and focused mainly on running. My legs have been very heavy and I've been so slow. Maybe I shouldn't expect much this week after Steelhead.

Sunday will be my 15 mile run. I have been enjoying my marathon training alot because of my running partner. I'll call her Snips. This year will be her first marathon. It is so exciting and great to get caught up in her enthusiasm. Every long run is a new distance for her. I so remember what that felt like and sometimes miss that feeling alot. My original goal for Chicago was to break 6 hours but it is not about me anymore- I want to supports Snips as much as possible.

I am still absorbed into the Olympics. What a great team we have representing us.

Waddling to my recliner...................


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what a terrific goal!! Snips will be grateful for life!!!