Sunday, November 09, 2008


Tomorrow is the beginning of my off season training. Time to lay the framework for 2009. One of my favorite parts of training is the planning. As always, it is done in pencil for good reason.

The basice layout of my week will be:

  • Monday - spin or trainer
  • Tuesday - Master's swim(am) & Run (pm)
  • Wednesday - Spin /Trainer followed by short run
  • Thursday - Master's Swim
  • Friday - Day off or Swim
  • Saturday- Spin
  • Sunday - Long run

Somewhere in there I need to do some strength work with no excuses. I am excited to start my framework for 2009 season.

Waddling with a plan..............

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IronSnoopy said...

Planning is fun and a new slate is always so exciting!

Just try to remember to toss in some other stuff in the "off season" that you don't normally do -- core and even relaxation in there. Training will ramp up before you know it and that last thing you want is to be burned out in August when you're in peak mileage!


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