Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is what I should have worn for master's swim class this morning. I was having a great swim and cruising through the workout on the board. About half way through class, this guy jumps in my lane at the other end of the pool. His arms were all over the place and he was doing flip turns at the ends. While I was on a 60 sec. rest between sets, He did a flip turn and almost kicked me in the face. I looked to Coach for help and his words of advice were that this was good practice for an Ironman Swim because you feel like you are in combat. I felt like I needed a helmet everytime I swam past this guy.

I survived and managed to get my entire workout done. I did get hit a few times and sicked in some extras water. Maybe it was good practice.
Waddling to calmer water..........


Joe said...

Perhaps a combat swim on Veteran's Day is appropriate!!

Sorry I missed you this weekend (see my blog about being in Wheaton) but didn't really know how to predict when or if I'd have any time available...which, as it turned out, I really didn't. Boy, lousy weather anyway. Sometime, we'll connect!!

IronSnoopy said...

Was he part of master's swim? If not, he shouldn't have been in the pool.

If he was, perhaps he should get in the proper lane. If he can do flip turns, he might want to move up a lane or FOUR!


But yeah, on the other hand, way to make it beneficial! :)

Vickie said...

Oh I always hate those wild swimmers! Probably why I fear an IM swim the most! I really don't do well with people in "my space."

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I do NOT like sharing a lane with wild arms and such.

amybee said...

Bummer on Mr. Never-learned-Pool-Politness...

Hopefully he won't be back soon.

However, if he does show, he might help you get used to or figure out how to avoid the "battle" of IM. Or, you might be prompted to swim faster and PR in all your tris next summer!

(If it was me, I'd probably get really ticked at him and grab his leg the next time he swam by or was obnoxious... I'm not recommending this tactic, I'm just saying that it would be something I could see myself doing...)