Saturday, November 15, 2008


This week has gone by so fast that it feels like everything is on fast-forward.Everyday things have fallen into place and everything has gotten done but there has not been much time to spare.

Hubby has started physical therapy this week. I think this is great for him to start getting some movement back in his foot. The pain from the RSD limits what he can do but you have to start somewhere. The bonus for me is that I have been having some low back pain and I get a massage and stretching while Hubby gets his PT.

Master's swim is now back on my schedule at least 2 days per week. It feels so good to be back in the pool. After a short period of lighter workout, Coach really kicked it up with intervals on Thursday. I was exhausted when I got out of the pool but satisfied with a hard workout.

Hooch , my daughter, is doing early graduation from high school in December. That has thrown us into a world of registering and getting ready for classes at a junior college in January,an exciting time for her.

Bino has finished football. With one season over, he is on the Varsity bowling team and our matches have begun every Tuesday and Thursday evening. I can't make it to all the matches but I love to watch him when I can.

Now to hit the pause button---

I did get time to catch up with Iron Snoopy and Moose. They are heading to IMAZ next week. We did a spin class together and got a chance to chat afterword. They are so motivating for me to talk to. When they get back from IMAZ, I will have a thousand questions for them about their expeience.

I intend to keep the pause button on this weekend to have some quality time with Hubby, my kids, Snips, and TriSharkie.

Waddling on pause until Monday then will hit the replay button......................


amybee said...

I hear you on the speeding commodity called Time.

Unbelievable how quickly it is flying by.

Glad your Hubby has started his physical therapy....glad you are enjoying your Masters group.

Fe-lady said...

Congrats to your daughter! What a fantastic milestone!
And glad hubby is on the mend!

Joe said...

Really, really glad to hear the PT is started for your hubby...sure hope that helps some progress for him.

Congrats to Hooch!! I'm sure she's ready to move to the next step!!

enjoy the weekend!