Sunday, December 21, 2008

The plan was for a normal day of Christmas shopping. It became a series of strange events. I went shopping with a close friend in the sub-zero weather. The stores were suprisingly empty for the weekend before Christmas. Was it the weather or the economy?

At our stop at Office Max, they had a stress detector. How fun! My friend went first and had an extremely high and agitated stress level. I tried next. There was no reading. I handed it back- it worked for my friend. We tried another one. Same thing again and again. It was like I was not there.

Our next stop was Home Run Inn for pizza. After a delicious meal, I made a trip to the ladies room. The soap dispenser was motion activated. It would not work. It worked for the next 2 ladies but not for me. The waitress was next and waved her hand and I stuck mine under quickly.

We continued shopping and after a few more stores, I made another trip to the ladies room. The motion detector on the toilet did not work no matter what I tried. (Skip the visual). I now doubted my existance.

When I got home and the kids found me to make dinner, I knew that I was not a ghost.

Waddling like a ghost........


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...


At least your family registered your presence. :-)

amybee said...

Maybe you are the Ghost of Ironman distance tris of the FUTURE!

(Don't worry about the weight. We'll all be back in training soon enough).

Cassandra said...

This "stress detector" didn't happen to be residing in a scientology booth, did it? I fell for that once and narrowly escaped without having to purchase any scientology gear or literature..

Irene said...

It's not just the weather. The stores haven't been very busy here, either, BUT... one of my friends said the outlet mall was packed.

Stay warm!

IronSnoopy said...

Funny, I can't even see your post.

Creepy! Mwahahahaaaa.

Sunshine said...

You are way too young to be invisible yet.