Saturday, December 20, 2008

With everything being so crazy this week, I have not had much time to write. I also had not had much time to train. I am not getting that worked up about that currently as there will come a time and place for that panic.

My hubby although having a tough time with the RSD pain has been a huge support. He is so supportive of my goal.

Today, I did make it to the gym. I vowed to try to spend my time in zone 2 . I also made a conscious decision not to expect too much out of myself. Relax and enjoy the workout. My heart rate immediately jumped to to 130 and I was still walking. I increased the incline and it jumped some. I began to run after about 10 minutes and my heart rate quickly went to 165. Although I have not had a MAP test recently to check my zones I knew that I was close to my AT (top of zone 3). I went back to walking quickly and dropped it. The extra weight has really taken a toll on my fitness. I finished 45 minutes on the treamill alternating between walking and running to keep my HR down. I felt like it was a successful workout and I felt good about it. I knew the challenges ahead.

Weather is dropping sub-zero tonight so another day inside the gym tomorrow. After that, Xmas shopping is on the agenda. Nothing like waiting until the last minute?

Waddling on a winter evening.............


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good job getting to the gym :-)

Joe said...

This wind is brutal...I just got back from 4 miles on the treadmill myself.

Continued prayers for hubby...

IronSnoopy said...

Yes plenty of time to go nuts later. If you were training really hard right now, I'd have to come talk you off the ledge! There's plenty of time for that later, when you're supposed to be!

I'm sorry you're so busy. Head down, you'll get through it.

Merry Christmas. :)