Thursday, September 03, 2009


Today was one of those days that will stick in my head forever. I was able to get off work at noon to enjoy the afternoon with Hooch. She is attending Esthetician & Skin Care School. She is currently is in the clinical phase. I decided to take advantage of this and give myself a treat at the same time.

She was watching for me when I got there and so excited to show what she had learned. The next 90 minutes, I was able just to relax and let her do her thing. I have to say that I knew she was good but she actually was great. (Not because I am Mom). I felt so relaxed and my skin felt great. Another great part was the price. Because it is a Esthetician & Skin Care School , the price for a spa facial and eyebrow wax was $11.50.

Her tip from me after such great service was a great lunch with Mom. I have to say it really blew me away seeing what she had acheived and what kind of person she has become. One of those moments that stays with you.

Waddling after a day with Hooch............


Vickie said...

Makes you realize you did a good job being mom.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

awesome!!!! :-)

Joe said...

Such moments are VERY special...glad you could be there and grasp it!