Sunday, August 30, 2009


My posts have been few and far between with the increased training. Just want to catch up with news in my life.

  • House (my hubby) has been keeping his RSD in his right ankle under control with the neurostimulator in his back. There have been new developments. He has been waking in the morning with new aches all over his body. There is a possibility according to his MD that he now has Fibromyalgia. Also the bone pain in his Right ankle where he fractured it has increased. According to the orthopedic surgeon there is now a hole in the talus bone and a fracture. The answer is surgery and trying to take bone marrow from his hip and inject it into the talus bone and hope for bone regrowth. As always we will face these challenges together.
  • Hooch (my daughter) is finishing estictician school in November and has an opportunity to set up her own business in an established spa.
  • Bino (my son) has just begun his senior year of high school. We are cherishing every minute with him because this time next year he will be in the Army in M1A1 tank school.

As far as for me, I work and I train. there are some days that I miss my family alot. I enjoyed a shopping spree at Naperville running company on Friday. For my tired calves, I bought Zensah sleeves. I have been wearing them after workouts and have slept in them. I LOVE THEM. The other thing for the geek in me is the new garmin 310. I used it yesterday for a long bike and on today's long run. I LOVE IT ALSO.

This week, I am backing down the training to prepare for my Great Illini Half Iron next weekend. I did Steelehad 70.3 last year but the swim was cancelled and a run was substituted so I do not feel that I have truly done a half yet. I feel much more prepared this year so I am excited about it and to see where I am at.

Also this week, I am signing upfor my first race for next year. It's a new one. Rev3 @ Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky ,Ohio. It has a full iron and a half iron. I am signing up for the half. I know it will flat and close to home. I love Cedar Point also.

Waddling into a new week..............


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

We went to cedar point this summer during vacation. fun race location.

you have a lot going on with your family. not sure how you do it all. i'm in awe!

Joe said...

Nice to catch up, I was wondering how House was doing. My prayers continue for him. You guys have quite the path to walk.

The folks at Naperville Running Company are terrific...thanks again for connecting me with them!!

The Half Iron will be a good step for you...enjoy the taper week.

Lindy said...

Can't wait to read your race report, you will do well, you've trained for it! Love the new Garmin...hmmm, can't quite say I need one YET, but it sure is a beauty!!

SWTrigal said...

The new Garmin is awesome isn't it! Good luck this weekend!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear about the news on House, especially. I hope there will relief for you guys soon.

And glad you have treated yourself to some goodies. Sounds timely with the half next weekend. Good luck!!

Irene said...

I hope House will come through OK!

A Garmin and compression sleeves for your calves! Keep us posted on how you like the Garmin (I'm still sans-Garmin) and I've always wondered about those compression sleeves.

Take care and happy training!