Wednesday, October 14, 2009


House is still in the hospital recovering from his surgery on Monday. It was a tough one for him. 7 years ago, he severely fractured his talus bone in his ankle. Now the osteoporosis has created a hole in his ankle. Because of his age, he is too young for an ankle replacement since they only last 10 years. To delay having to do this he had reconstructive surgery. They took bone and bone marrow from his pelvis and mixed it with a ceramic material and surgically fractured his tibia and injected the material into the talus bone. Now we wait and watch for it to grow and repair. Hopefully he will come home maybe tomorrow. Pain control has been the biggest issue.

Thanks for all the prayers and the 2 home cooked dinners that were delivered by friends.

I have been getting my training in early in the morning. This weekend is scheduled to be my biggest one then I taper. I am so ready !

Waddling at the hospital...........


Irene said...

Sending more well wishes and healing prayers! House has been through so much! I hope you're hanging in there, too.


amybee said...

YEWOUCH! Sending good healing thoughts your way!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hopefully he'll heal from this.

My son had a unicameral bone cyst when he was in 2nd grade or so...basically hollow arm segment. They did something similar and it filled in nicely.

Joe said...

Wow...I'll bet pain control is a big issue.

Prayers continue for House and all your family!!