Friday, October 09, 2009


This weekend is the Chicago Marathon. I did not sign up because of ironman training but I will be running. My friend Snips is running it for the second time. I plan on running the first 16 miles with her. The weather is forecast to be a balmy 40 degrees. What a change from the past 2 years. The excitement in the city is unbelievable.

Tomorrow, I will be glued to Ironman Live to watch Kona. I actually know someone there this year and I am so excited for Adrienne. Not only does she get to race, she was given Jon Blais's ashes to spred on the course by his parents. The experience seems overwhelming to me.

Only 4 weeks left until B2B, training is going well. I would like to do 1 more 100 mile ride before the race.

Waddling into the weekend............


amybee said...

Have fun in Chicago. You are getting so close to your big day! I'm very excited for you.

Joe said...

Have fun tomorrow... a cool 16 mile training run with 30,000 of your closest friends!!!

amybee said...

Hey, one other thing: do you have your training plan posted any where? I'm curious about how you found it, if you are working a plan on your own or with a coach... how has it been for you, etc.

You post a lot of really great info on your blog, but I'd really be interested in the nitty gritty and any tips you want to share. Your advice will be very helpful to me in preparing for IM WI.