Saturday, January 15, 2011


Besides IMFL, I have signed up for my first event of the year. It is not a race but it is called Swim-a-pooloza. Sound like a fun party by the pool. The reality of it will be different.

The format calls for swimming one of 3 distance in the lap pool. It is 5000,7500, or 10,000. Obviously, I signed up to attempt the 5,000. It is set up that you swim either 50,75, or 100 every 100 seconds times 100. It actually boggles my mind but I am always up to give it a try. It is hosted by our Tri club, TriSmart and it is in our home pool. I have 2 weeks to get my mind ready for this.

I am seeing that this year is going to have alot of new fun experiences ahead and I am ready!

Waddling with an open mind...........

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Lisa said...

That's a lot of swimming. Best wishes with that!