Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SheRox Triathlon

SheRox weekend 2012 will always have a special place in my memory. It was packd from Friday to Sunday with sun and inspiration.

On Friday night, our LUNA Chix team hosted a pre-race party. That is where we met the grandma's who were doing their first triathlon. How inspiring they were! We met many others doing their first tri with many questions. Their excitement was contagious.

Saturday was the race Expo day. We had the team tent there all day. We saw the grandma's picking up their packets with big smiles.We met many more and spred the word of our weekly bikes and runs. We had a raffle basket to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund. At the end of the day, we talked to many more newbies and raise $1025 for our cause.

Sunday was race day. For the first time, I was on a relay team. Flipper had the swim and Snoopy had the run. I got my favorite part which was the bike. The bike course is 2 loops and I was glad to be in wave 3 out of 30. It gave me a clear ride for at least loop 1. It was a little strange to go to a Tri with so little packed. Our relay team had so much fun. We were thrilled, amazed, and humbled by the fact that we finished in 5th out of 58 teams. We all decide to put this on our schedule for 2013!

Waddling into the rest of the season......

PS---The grandmas finished with big smiles and signed up for SheRox Bermuda!!!


Joe said...

Hey, hey!! Sounds like a fun and rewarding race!! And you go to really motor along on your bike! Very cool!!

Glad you are doing well and giving back so much.

Lindy said...