Wednesday, December 10, 2014


What has continued? My motivation!!! For over 2 years, I have launched multiple comebacks. They have all failed. This time since September, my mojo has stayed. What has changed? The first is that my work and travel schedule has lightened up. This has happened before but what is different this time? The BIG difference is I now have met a great group of people to run with!! They are the Bolingbrook Fun Run Club.

I have known about the Bolingbrook Fun Run Club for several years. Due to a crazy schedule and fear of running with a group again, I did not go to any of their meet ups. In August, I noticed a meet up for a Turtle Group. They met in a park that had a 1.2mile loop. This was my chance. I went and encountered a group of around 15 people. The group Leader was a friend, Gladys. I was made to feel so comfortable and I felt like I fit in. I made it 2 loops doing a walk:run. I was never happier.

Now it is December and I am for the first time since 2011 planning for next years races. I am so excited. One of the highlights of 2015 will be doing the Ragnar relay from Madison, WI to Chicago with a team of 12 runners. Depending on the lottery, I hope to add the Marine Corp Marathon. and also, I am actually working on a training schedule and rejoined Lifetime Fitness!!

I plan to blog about this entire journey!! Let's do this. My friend gave me a bracelet last night that is our motto-- "Harden the F*** Up" It's go time!

Waddling with the Bolingbrook Fun Run Club.....


Susan Ekins said...

That's what I need to do - plan for more races. I agree with you that the club has helped keep me motivated. I can run on my own some in the winter knowing I'll be running with the group next time.

Lindy said...

Awesome! Proud of you and I look forward to reading your blog again.