Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Okay-it was the first time on the new bike. 56 degrees in February.I had to take it out. Corbin also wanted to try his new bike. I walked it down the drive. Got next to the mailbox. Then tried to click in . I had just gotten my left foot in when zCorbin fell over trying to clip in out in the street. I tried to help but I was locked on . Okay Corbin is now up and on- I still can't get my right in. Now I got it -try to ride- bike is making a funny noise. Tried to find a mailbox to grab onto to stop. Got stoppped and going again. Now to shift -down shifted can't get it back up. Another 10 min. and I've got it. Rode alittle then headed for home. First experience -I learned alot but I have so much more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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