Sunday, April 09, 2006


RUN: 5K-/ 32:23 PR/SPLITS: 10:39,10:36,10:08, 0:59/AVE=10:24,MAX 9:09

I was very nervous and apprehensive when I went this morning. I didn't know how spinning had changed my training. I went out the first mile and felt comfortable. I watched the pace on my watch the whole time and tried to keep it below 11:00. From 1-2 I still felt great. I was hoping to hit the 2 mile mark between 22-23. I was thrilled when it was21:15. I knew I could run at least a 33. Kept and eye on my pace and tried to pick it up. When I hit 3 I could see the finish and heard 31 something-the push was on- I knew I could break 33. Unbelievable start to the year. I felt great at the end!

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