Saturday, May 20, 2006



I woke to an awesome morning. You could see the fog on the hillside. It was 530am and I hadn't slept much. I ran down to the lobby and grabbed a bagel,banana, and yogurt. Then Cor and I were out the door at 645.
We parked at T2. I walked over and set my shoes out for the second run and really began getting nervous. Cor and I then caught the bus to the start. Because of the wave I was in I had about 2 hours wait. I ran in to Mary and even she was nervous.

RUN1- 24:20(12:10) The first mile everyone took off. I was last again but my pace felt good. At the 1 mile mark I was at 10:30. Then we hit our first big uphill. That's when I passed Laura and I wasn't last anymore.
T1 1:44 It went smooth. I wasn't in a low enough gear for the beginning hill so I went back down then up again.
BIKE 1:28:29 I felt really good on the bike. There were some CHALLENGING uphills. But I actually started passing people. Spinning was really paying off. On one of the downhills I checked my speed at 36mph. Whee doggies.
T2 3:05 It was quite a distance thru the transition to the bike. Someone put my shoes on the other side. Igrabbed a drink of water and headed out.
RUN2 56:37 I started the run and look up to find a huge uphill for the first half mile. I walked it up. Then began to run 4:1 ratio. I felt good and passed a couple of more people. After the 2 mile turnaround I saw a lady (52) in front of me. My goal became to pass her. She walked off and on. I kept running. I the last down hill I went by and beat her by 2 min. The icing on the cake.

I totally enjoyed the experience. I am looking forward to replaying everything and planning my training ahead.

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