Friday, May 19, 2006



Today our students graduated. Sue and I went too the ceremony and each spoke. It was amazing to see them after the 2 years of hard work. Plllanning does pay off.


I spent the morning cleaning the house and packing for Galena. I will pick p the kids at 1 and head off. About 3 hours. The ride was beautiful. It sprinled on and off. We checked in at the hotel.and then Cor and I headed for the beach to drop my bike at T1. We picked up my packet and checked for my wave start time. It was 10:28 am. Shit 90 min after the first wave in the tri. I was upset because I was the slowest starting in the last wave. I would really be obvious with the bus following me how slow I was. The hills for the ride were enormous. My head was spinning. Should I even do this? Then Cor reminded of what I had always told him. It's not about being first or last just that you finish.

My goals for tomorrow:

  • Finish the race
  • No time expectations
  • Bike up all hills-no walking
  • Run:walk the run-walk at all water stops
  • Don't wreck.

I'm not sure if I can sleep tonight. We went to Happy Joe's for pizza.

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