Monday, August 07, 2006


RUN: 3.0 / NO TIME

Okay - I'm takin' it easy this week. I've decided not to run the half this weekend. It feel like a weight has been lifted. (for alot of reasons) It was a beautiful sunset when Dakota,my golden retreiver and I headed out the door. Finally the temperature has dropped and it turned into the perfect run.

My eating--- Limited sugar intake to 25g and stopped eating by 8pm. I am afraid to weigh myself . I need to get some off though before the USAF half in 39 days.


21st Century Mom said...

Good decision! Your legs will thank you for that.

I am having a sugar eating issue now. I really need to fight back and not surrender!

Don't worry about the scale. It's all about how the pants fit and it takes time for that sort of change.

Juls said...

Sometimes you just need a break. Why do all the good half marathons all fall within a week of eachother?!