Saturday, August 05, 2006


RUN : 8 MILES / No Time approx 2 hrs with pitstops/

Yesterday's run was a test run of sorts. I am not sure if I should run next Sunday's Chicago Distance Classic. At about 5 miles my rt ITB started hurting alittle. I didn't have to stop but I knew it was aching. At the beginning of the run I had no doubt I would be okay for another half but by the end I had doubts.

The reason I want to run it is that is the Penguin's race and I've run the last 2 years and love the race. But this year if it was any other race I would say no thanks. If my ITB goes out all the way it is the end my running year.

My mother always used to tell me to listen to my gut which in this case says no. But my heart wants to run it again. I've got all week to decide. I'm sure I'll go back and forth a million times.

On another topic- my eating. I need to cut back some weight to where I was in the spring. It would help me reach my 2:45 half goal and probably help my knee. I need to clean my act up one bad habit at a time. First sugar intake. It's time to detoxifiy this week. Also no more eating after 8pm. Next week I'll add something else.

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21st Century Mom said...

I'm with your Mom - go with your gut. If your ITB is on the brink of a breakdown then you need to baby it. Besides, you just did a hard 1/2. You need a rest! You can run this race next year if you want but for now you need to take care of that ITB. Can you go see a PT? It might really help.

Eating well? Cutting out sugar? What's that?