Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why me? Y-me

zero--no time

I am a facilitator for a Y-me Beast Cancer Support Group. Tonight's meeting had a great turnout. I was to be the presenter of "Breast Cancer Survival and Excercise" There have been some interesting new studies that show an increase in survival rates from 85% to 92% with moderate excercise for 3 hours per week. I had great handouts and a powerpoint. But the whole thing became sidetrack when several of our ladies began talking about crisis they were facing.

For me,the only one there without breast cancer, it made me more appreciative of life. It also gave me a unique perspective as a radiation therapist what my patients were facing and their veiw of things.

After 9 hours of work and my group meeting, there was no time or energy left to run.

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