Thursday, August 03, 2006



On tonight's run (easy in the heat), I began developing my plan for marathon training. I love to plan ahead and put things on my calendar.

First- I want to finish the races that I have scheduled through Oct 1.
8/13 Chicago Distance Classic half marathon
9/3 Trail Shark Duathalon
9/16 USAF Half Marathon
9/24 Plainfield Fall 5K
10/1 Chicago Half Marathon

Second- After Oct 1 there is 28 weeks until the Flying Pig Marathon.
October, November-- Increase Core strength and increase spinning classes to 2-3 per week.
December- Holidays are always hectic. try to stay on track.
Jan. 1 Begin Marathon training- Working out a plan now. I really like Jeff Galloway but he takes the long runs up to 26-28 miles. I may take his walk/ run ratio information and combine it with Hal Higdon and John Bingham. It will be an interesting plan. I also want the spinning classes to play a part because of the interval training.

I feel alot more motivated now.

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21st Century Mom said...

That's a lot of half marathons.

I'm convinced that excess distance isn't the thing that counts. What works if finding a pace you can live with for at least 20 miles. A 22 mile training run should be sufficient. If you can handle that at pace you can manage another 4.2 miles.

I'm a Higdon fan, myself but I really think the walk/run method is effective.