Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

RUN : 35 min. treadmill-no distance or HR

When you come back from vacation it's hard to get things happening sometimes. Luckily I took the day off work. I wanted to get up and try to undo some of the jetlag and get an early run but that didn't happen. My son woke me up at 845 and wanted to go golfing. I checked the temp and it was already 86 so I decided to run on the treadmill later and head to the driving range with my son.

The afternoon was spent at the DMV trying to get my daughter's driver's permit replaced and getting groceries.

The evening was laundry and unpacking. Finally at 8pm - I just quit and knew it was now or never to run. I went down to my treadmill. I was interested to see of my rt knee still hurt. I;ve signed up for another half 1 week from Sunday. I love the race-it's the penguin's and I've ran it the last 2 years. But I really am afraid I might have an ITB problem. I'll run 10 this weekend and see how it feels.

Tonight while running I set a few new goals. I want to run the Chicago Half marathon on Oct 1 in under 2:45. I will be 50 on 9/27 and 20 years ago I ran my first half (1:58) . I have 2 months of hard work ahead but I'm more motivated now. Also definitely the Flying Pig marathon in May. Seeing 21st Century mom in SF made me want to do it again. So now it's time to develop a plan.

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21st Century Mom said...

Whoa! You are trying to drop 15 minutes from your time? That is very ambitious! I'm sure you can do it but run smart and don't shred your ITB in the process.

There is an outside chance I might go for that Flying Pig - I love their logo and I have family in Ohio.

With all due respect I don't think running 10 miles is the way to get a handle on your knee problems, woman! Perhaps a visit to a physical therapist or even a GP is in order? At least read this As I'm sure you know, once you screw up your ITB the recovery is loooong. Don't forget those stretches with your feet crossed over - very important.

I hope your daughter got to shop at H&M - every teens favorite store.

And where or where are those fabulous pictures you had up? Can you get a photobucket account and repost? They were perfect!

Happy running!