Sunday, October 29, 2006



Today is the perfect day to run a marathon. The temperature when Dakota and I went out was 40, no wind and sunny. I felt great running. There was just a couple of things missing:

1. I wasn't running a marathon- not in shape
2. Chicago marathon was last weekend.
3. MCM is today but it's in DC.
4. NYC is next weekend- not entered or ready.

Hopefully someday , I'll have a day like today to run a marathon.


Bex said...

Hi there - thanks for the shout-out on the Marine Corps Marathon. We had a blustery but sunny, cool fall day in the nation's capital. So nice weather. I did all right in the race, and so did the other RBF'ers.

Joe said...

Yes, it was a perfect day to run here in West Lafayette, as well.

Alas, I am still nursing my knee back to health, so had the SAME reaction you did...why can't I run on such a beautiful fall day??!!

More will come...great post!

D said...

The sign of a runner: this weather is perfect for running...running a marathon...

I love this weather!

marathena said...

I am jealous of gorgeous weather!! We have good weather then hot weather...oh the perils of living in Texas. Hey I am looking at moving to Chi town. Then I could enjoy the weather too!!