Wednesday, October 25, 2006



When I was at the USAF expo in September, I found a pair of gel nibus on sale ($49). I usually wear gel kayano but knew that I needed a new pair soon so I bought them. Tonight I tried them out. After the first 15 minutes -I knew they bothered my right forefoot. I know this will sound strange but they also had a creeking sound in the right shoe. It was worth a shot. I can wear them to work.

I ran outside with Dakota. The sun was setting and the temperature was still about 50. A perfect evening.


Thomas said...

I'm using a pair of Nimbuses at the moment. For the first 3 runs they felt quite uncomfortable, and I was wondering if I had bought the wrong shoes. After that they started to fit much better, and have been the best pair of shoes I've had so far.

The Spandex-King said...

I love my Kayno's. I'm on my third pair. I know that they are espensive but I look at it as less than one trip to the doctor.

Dori said...

I don't trust shoes that are on sale--I've been burned before. I read that shoes have a shelf life and that they lose their cushioning even if they haven't been worn. The running stores here give a discount to running clubs and associations, like US Track and Field. Maybe some in your area do the same.

I've sometimes had luck with replacing the sock liner with a gel insert.

Joe said...

Hi, Waddler!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog...I just updated your blog to my role.

Cool for you to be planning already for the Pig. It's a big event in Cincy. I'm pointing to the big half marathon in Indy the day before. Hope to be under 1:50 this year.

Looking foward to reading more!!

Firefly's Running said...

Very nice shoes.