Saturday, December 09, 2006


RUN: 75 min./ TREADMILL / 4R:1W

I knew when I went to bed that I was heading for the gym to the treadmill. The temperature was still about 14 and I am a wimp. Hubby called from Ohio to make sure I was up at 7am. Everything was falling into place.

When I got to the gym I ran into a friend that was heading for a stregth workout and while chatting realized I forgot my HR monitor. No big deal. Then I went up stairs and all the treamill by the weight (near the bathroom) were full. I like those in case a pit stop is needed. I walked through the other section most rows were full .I saw 1 on the end. The girl next to it threw her towel on it-"Saving it". I did find one up near the front. The girle next to me had her tredmill set on 8 mph and spent most of the time jumping on and off because she couldn't keep up. ? New technique.

I did my run at a 4run:1walk interval. On the walk place, I did 17:00 and on the run pace, I did 14:23. I felt good the entire time. In the mid section I went up to a 1.5 incline. I was happy with a good week of training. Only 21 weeks until The Pig.

Waddling toward the marathon..............

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Joe said...

You should win an award for doing this long of a run on the treadmill!!! Good for you getting the time in, despite the chill!!!