Sunday, December 10, 2006


Elliptical : 35 MIN./AVE HR= 123

In my training runs recently ,I have tried to focus on pace. I also am interested in HR zones.I had a MAP test done at the gym several weeks ago to figure out what they are.

The results:
Zone 1= 101-117 HR
Zone 2= 117-151 HR
Zone 3= 151-168 HR
ZOne 4= 168--->

I knew today was an easier workout so my goal was to stay in zone 2. I need to do some more reading on this. Any ideas are appreciated.

Yesterday , I realized Ironman Hawaii was on TV. I missed the first hour. I could not move from my chair. It gives me chills to watch. I would giove anything to do one but the fact that I can't swim presents a problem. Never say never.

Waddling to the shower.............


Vickie said...

Just remember, most triathletes start with NO swimming, even some of the pros. Its hard to do everything at once though, so you have to work with what you have. Little by little.

Iron Snoopy said...

Hey waddler, I accidentally deleted my google account. ha ha. Google knows and I think they're fixing it, but until then, no blog for me. LOL!

When I first started HR zone training it took me a while to be able to run and not go into zone 3 - lots of walking tossed in, but eventually it worked.

Signing up to do an IM without being a swimmer is more common than you think. ;)

sister smile said...

I know tons of adults who take swimming lessons for this very reason. Never say never indeed. If you want it enough, you will make it happen.

Thomas said...

Not sure how valuable those zones are. I mean, zone 2, from 117 to 151 - that's a massive gap. Your training benefit at HR 117 are worlds apart from your benefits at 150, yet both are in the same zone.