Thursday, December 07, 2006


RUN : 30 min. / TREADMILL / EASY PACE (14:20) / AVE HR=142

It looked like a busy evening ahead. Bino had a bowling match from 4-630. Hooch had cheer 5-8. Hubby got off work at 530 but scheduled a 615 massage. At 515, I looked around to amazement to see that I was HOME ALONE. I could have done alot of things but I changed and hit the treadmill and turned the stereo on REAL loud. The dogs were hiding! It was an easy pace work out. I felt great. This was 6 days in a row!

I plan my long run to be 75 min. this weekend. I'm not sure what I'll do on the opposite day.

Waddling through the quiet house............


sharon said...

Music always makes me run faster. Why? I guess I shouldn't question it and just turn up the volume. Even us "old" women like loud music sometimes tee hee.

sister smile said...

Oh, gee. Being home alone totally rocks (and I live alone). Enjoy it!