Thursday, February 22, 2007



THURS. : SPIN : 1:00 / AVE HR = 145 / MAX HR 168

Yesterday and today were absolutely the most gorgeous days. You would have thought that someone training for a marathon would be out there finally getting some runs in. There are no great excuses for why I didn't. Yesterday , I was just tired after work and did a few errands after work. Today , My plan was to go out and run but about mid-afternoon while talking to DD developed some strange rumblings in the stomach. After further thought, running and getting too far from the house seemed not a good idea.

My daughter, Hooch, started her first job today. She has always loved hair stuff and spas so she landed a job as a receptionist and assistant at an upscale salon. I hope she enjoys it. I remember my first job was waiting on cars at an A&W rootbeer stand in Ohio. I had a great time although often I spent all my tips on Coney dogs. I am anxious to hear about Hooch's day.

Waddling and waiting for Hooch......


Irene said...

I know what you mean. Some days it's just tough to get out there, no matter how gorgeous the day is! I hope you regain your engergy and get out there while the weather is kind. ;)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

missed opportunity is tough, mentally. I'm getting bummed out about missing so much being sick.

Best advice, just move on! Today is a new day. :)

Joe said...

A big step for Hooch. Hope she can learn many basics of a job, like showing up, doing a little extra and listenig well!

Your running will happen...keep hanging in there.