Saturday, February 24, 2007


RUN: 33:00 min.

I haven't written much lately. The days have been hectic and just sucked. I always feel like I am a positive person but I went into a funk and I think now I'm back. I was really touched by 2 patients yesterday at work. I usually am able to keep my distance but with my FIL's battle and loss to cancer, I have become over sensitized to the families. I can't say alot about the cases but on the way to the car I shed quite a few tears. I had to go in today and treat one of them as an emergency this morning. I hope I made a little bit of a difference.

I got up this morning to 37 and mainly dry roads. I had to take Hooch to work then go to the hospital to work so there wasn't time. I did make it out for about a 30 min run. The cold, clear air helped me clear my head. I was able to think through alot of things. My MIL has had a tough week. She is flying in on Monday night to stay with us for awhile. It's just too hard on her alone in Cleveland.

Next, my thoughts on my training. I have decided that any kind of plan in the winter in Chicago is impossible! You just have to wing it until the weather stabilizes and get in as much as you can. With another winter storm on top of us, my long run will be whatever that I can do at the gym tomorrow. I was thinking back to the training for the first 2 marathons. My first I did not do enough weekly training but did alot of long runs. I don't feel that my base was that good. My second marathon training was on track. I set a PR in the half 5 weeks before the full. I was running a good pace until mile 22 when it felt like someone put a knife in my Rt knee. I had ITB problems before and knew what it was. I walked the last 4.2 miles and finished with the same time as my first year. I have gained a huge respect for the distance and I will be ready. The weather currently is just a speed bump in my training.

On my favorite candy-Peeps. I found sugar free Peeps last night. I had to try them. They had Splenda insted of the sugar. My honest opinion-they tasted like paste in my mouth. You only got 3 for the price of 12 regular Peeps. No contest.

Waddling to read my other blog friends...........


Joe said...

"Respect for the distance"

Oh my, that is so true. The marathon is a master teacher. Which is, I think, much of its appeal.

Sorry you've been in a funk. Not surprising, though, given the events of the past few months, coupled with the usual blahs of February in the midwest. Glad you got out for at least the 30 minute does work wonders to take that first step.

My best to your MIL. It ain't easy..your support and love to her means the world.

IronSnoopy said...

I'm sorry you were in a funk. I don't know how you do what you do. I know, though, that your patients appreciate everything you do.

You know, it's OK to be down every now and then. :)

Every marathon is different and you learn something every single time. I'm still positive you will have a great race in May. :)

Yay for real Peeps. I don't do artificial sweeteners at all, for over a year now. No contest.

I'm sure I'll see you at the gym at some point tomorrow! :)

21stCenturyMom said...

Winter = put me in a funk and I live in California. I can't even imagine weathering a winter in Chicago.

I would venture to say that a person who endures 3 hours on a treadmill is more than winging it, though!

susie said...

I've been in a funk, too. But I agree with Joe--your events and weather certainly contribute. Do keep getting out there.

Dori said...

God bless people like you who care for the terminally ill. I'm sure you made a difference in that patient's life.

Training for a marathon is very time consuming. Hat's off to you for fitting it in while working and caring for your family! How does Hooch like her job?