Monday, February 26, 2007


ELLIPTICAL : 35 min.

The gym was packed tonight. I was talking to one of the trainiers and they said the beginning of March is busier than January. That's because people are getting ready for spring break, swimsuits, and springtime events. I guess that I can believe that. You could tell there were alot of newbies trying out stuff and trying to get into shape in 1 night at the gym. But at least they got there. I hope alot of people stick with it. But I wonder what percentage really do.

My MIL got her today from Cleveland. She looks alot more tired than last time like she hasn't been sleeping well. Hopefully she can get some rest with us and get into a routine. It's been tough on her but with alot of love and support we'll get through this.

To a blogger friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this tough time. You will find time to sort your thoughts within your training.

Waddling to read before bed........


Spandex King said...

Your so right. I always say there are two big crunch times at the gym. New years and Bikini season. Bikini being a universal term for both sexes. This is when you try on last years swimsuit and go Holy ****!!!! And then you head out to the gym and pray for a miracle. So Funny!! Take Care.

IronSnoopy said...

Yeah, I've noticed increased buzzyness at the gym too, even at 5 AM. Saturdays are just ridiculous these days. I hope our gym doesn't get as overfull as Warrenville. :(

I'm glad your MIL is here. She must be having a hard time. It's good for her to be surrounded by your family.

Nice job on getting your elliptical in!

Joe said...

Drive thru food; microwave popcorn; instant fitness.

Yeah, it all fits!!

Good for you and your diligence!!!!