Sunday, February 25, 2007


RUN = 2:00 / TREADMILL /4R:1W

OK-- we give up!!! Enough with the winter on the weekends. I promise everyone that I will never train for a spring marathon again. Yesterday morning would have been great for my long run but I had other commitments. Then boom-WINTER STORM WARNING. You have got to be kidding. I will not redo my training schedule again. It is 3 weeks until my half marathon. It is on a challenging, hilly course. And the way my luck has been going , it will be a blizzard or tornado.
I did feel good on the treadmill today. Two hours almost seemed like a short run. This week I may do a spin:run brick. I need to get my weekly time increased. Also I have a duathlon 2 weeks after the marathon.

Waddling out to shovel again....


sister smile said...

I feel your pain! The best part of withdrawing from Boston was no more long runs in the winter! Next year, though, I've really got to get it done; my qualification expires after 2008 and I doubt I can pull that one off again.

Flying Pig is a great marathon, or so I've heard. Hang in there in the meantime and think of shoveling as cross-training.

Joe said...

Ditto on this weather...will April ever arrive?

Oh, and during the heat of July training, can we remind you of your vow not to run a spring marathon again :) ?

IronSnoopy said...

Yay you for getting your run in. I'm with ya on the weather. I don't think I could ever train for a spring marathon! I will remember this in August when I'm whining about how hot/humid out it is!