Monday, March 05, 2007


RUN : 40 MIN. / TEMPO/ AVE PACE= 12:58
I looked up in the sky tonight when I came home and saw something that I didn't recognize. It was bright up the sky with a warming light. I suddenly remembered--the sun.
I felt great getting out. No aches or pains. I tried to keep the pace up and was shotting for a 12:15 average but I wasn't far off. I had Dakota (my golden) with me and it was his first time out in a couple of weeks. He hung in there but I think I won this round.
Waddling into the sunset.......

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IronSnoopy said...

Your run down memory lane, so to speak, sounds like a great run. I enjoy revisiting some of my favorite areas with runs too.

Nice job on getting outside! Dakota sounds like a great running partner. :)