Sunday, March 04, 2007


SATURDAY: RUN = 3:00 / 4R:1W

This weekend we made the trip home to see my dad for his 85th birthday. We arrived at dad's between 5-6pm . He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and was working at the fish fry they were having. We showed up there for dinner and surprised him. I think that's the best birthday present we could have given him. We ate at the front table and we were introduced to everyone he knew. He is so proud of his grand kids.

On Saturday morning , I got up early to go for a long run. But of course, it was cold, snow and windy. So what's new. I did get 3 hours in on the road. It was a tour of memories and my hometown for me-hills and all. I first ran south to he cemetery. I passed where my mom was and ran through the entire place. I love running in there. I left and ran up soapbox derby hill then passed my best friends house. Memories of my times with Kathy made me smile and laugh as I went by. I ran down by the river next. The above picture is a photo of the railroad bridge over the Miami river which was above flood stage. This road took me passed my grandma's house. I walked there for lunch everyday in grade school. She had a player piano in her front room that I so loved. The next turn took me to my grade school and by my church that I grew up in. Looking at the playground, I could hear the nuns ringing the bell to go back to class. The journey was 3 hours but spanned a lifetime of memories.

That evening after mass, our traditional family restaurant, Hussy's was our choice for dinner. While celebrating dad's birthday , my MIL got the call her house in Cleveland was sold. Things now needed to go into motion to move up near us. It was a big evening.

Sunday was a blur with driving back from Ohio and getting things planned for my MIL to move here. Today also was my hubby and my 18th anniversary. It wasn't a romantic day but we'll celebrate later.

Waddling to tell my hubby goodnight and happy anniversary............


Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Waddler,

I enjoyed hearing about your run through your childhood home. It takes on new meaning when you run there, doesn't it?


Joe said...

Wow, what a special run in your home town. And what a special time with your Dad. Amazing memories...a wonderful time. glad you got there for him.

Vickie said...

Nice that you did that for your dad. From my recent experience, you never know when you will see him again. You can feel good knowing you made the effort. What ever happened to those days when kids could walk to grandparents' houses for lunch from school?? The end of an era.