Thursday, March 01, 2007


March blew in today. Rain, thunderstorms, and wind. There were no breaks in the weather today even though it was almost 50. I would like to think the white stuff is behind us but of course there is more on the way this week-end.

Tonight I went to the gym heading for spin class. When I was walking up the stairs, I felt a twinge of pain in my rt groin. Something told me not to spin so I headed for the treadmill. At about 35 mins. out of a planned hour, it just did not feel right so I shut down. I can't quite put my finger on it-it's just not right. I'll rest tomorrow and hope for a long run this weekend.

Total : 20:50
RUN : 11:50

Tomorrow the family and I are heading to Ohio. It's my dad's 85th birthday. He's an awesome man an my hero and idol. I know he's excited that we're coming and I can't wait to get there.

Waddling to wish my dad a Happy 85th Birthday...........


Joe said...

Indeed, happy 85th to your Dad. He has to be very proud of you!!

Hope the travel is safe with the storms blowing thru.

Flo said...

Happy birthday Dad!!!! Have a safe trip, you guys are getting slammed with weather, be very careful!!!

sister smile said...

Happy 85th to your dad! I hope he has many more good years to come.

Faithful Soles said...

Happy birthday to your Dad, and it is awesome that you 2 are so close. As for running, very smart on your part to listen to your body. I had a severe groin pull about 6 years ago and stubbornly continued to run with it and it took me much longer to heal.

I wanted to also follow up and thank you again for linking your blog to our Running Blog Database. It has now grown to bloggers from 36 states in the US and 20 other countries all ages and abilities and has become a great resource for members to find blogs that meet their specific goals and interests. Thanks again and I hope that groin heals up fast.