Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy and joyous Easter to everyone and their families.

RUN: 15 MILES / 3:45/ 4R:1W / 15:00 ave pace

Today's run was one that I cannot find a description for. It wasn't a bad run. I finished the 15 miles that I had hoped to finish in about the time that I had expected. The weather was grey and in the 30's. Not bad. I had enough GU and water. It wasn't good either. I struggled the last 1-2 miles. My rt ankle gave out 3 times for some unknown reason. It didn't give me that good feeling I was looking for with only 4 weeks until the PIG. I certainly have some questions in my mind if I am ready for the PIG. My training schedule was off due to everything that has happened in my personal life since October.

Next weeks long run is 20. I plan on running at Waterfall Glen which has some hills in it. I hope it goes well. In the back of my mind , I am wondering if I should run the half at the PIG and reorganize for a fall marathon. Something to think about.

My MIL discovered excercise this week and is hooked. She took her first class ever in her (active adult) community clubhouse. She loved it and then tried the treadmill. We spent yesterday shopping for house things, workout clothes, and a swimsuit for water aerobics. It is great to see things going well for her.

Waddling to hunt some Easter eggs.............


Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Waddler,

Happy Easter to you! Good job on the run today.

My two cents about the Pig is to go for the whole Pig....the hard part is in the first half anyway...might as well just keep on going. I don't know if they have an early start this year, but I took the early start in 2005 and it was great. Can't quite recall what I did last year...Last year I walked the whole thing with my 5 relay teams that I organized to help give newbies a taste of marathon experience. Happy to report that a few of these ladies have gone on to the half distance and will someday do the full. It was my most meaningful marathon ever.

You have completed quite a few long runs in your training...I would encourage you to go for the whole hog.


IronSnoopy said...

Hey waddler!

I got off work early today and we saw you on your mega run as we were heading off to a movie. You looked awesome! We clapped for you in the car.

Tough call on the 1/2 vs. whole. God knows I've run the 1/2 of a whole more times than I remember. I never regretted it, though. I always did what I thought was best for me and it always worked out.

You've definitely put in the long runs. Maybe you should see how next Sunday goes and then decide.

Vickie said...

You might be surprised at how your race goes compared to your training. Is there every such a thing as perfect training? And sometimes, races go far better with less training rather than more, so go for the whole thing and see what happens. You seem to be mentally ready, and I think that counts more than physical readiness.

Joe said...

You keep saying you're behind on your training but to me it soulds like you are right on track. These doubts, niggles, little pains, etc set in about now. You've ramped up the miles and your body is barking back at you now. Better it barks now and not on May 6! The ankle could well be due to the fact you've done so much on a treadmill and, when you shift outside with a little more un-evenness, the angle barks.

I'd say to determine to go for the full marathon. You know you can do a proved that a few weeks ago. Do your long run next weekend, then the taper...and you're on.

My 2c...keep persevering!!

PS. You asked about Galloway's pace/mile? His target pace is for the complete run. To hit his 11 min/mile target, for example, I'd need to run around 10:20/mile and then walk at a 5/1 or so ratio. So, the run will always be a little quicker than the target pace.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Happy Easter.

Glad MIL found exercise. What a wonderful way for her to spend time and energy!!

Your training sounds good to me. Can't wait to read your thoughts after the's coming up fast, isn't it!?!?! How exciting!!

Dori said...

That's great that your MIL is exercising. You're obviously a positive influence on her and it will help her adjust to her new living situation.

No advice for you on the marathon. You've run them before, so you know what you can or can't do. You could go for the full and drop out if it's too much. But then you don't get a medal, so if that's important and you really don't feel ready, then do the half. You've trained really hard. It could just be pre-race jitters.

21stCenturyMom said...

Runners and triathletes all over the place are struggling with training and fitness and goals right now. Me, too. Blame winter.

You have trained long and hard and you are ready. Chin up - put one foot in front of the other and don't stop until you see the balloons and run across the mats - at the 26.2 mile mark!

You've already posted that you will. It will be fine.