Sunday, July 08, 2007


As always, vacation weeks fly by too fast. This was no different. The best part wwas having my dad here. It was the first time since high school many years ago that we had spent a week together. I want to write a recap of the week just for my memory.

Sunday- I drove back from Ohio with Bino and my dad(Pa).

Monday- Bino took Pa to breakfast. My hubby had an EMG at the hospital which turned out negative. After the test , we stopped on the way home at the bicycle shop. I saw a Trek Tri bike that I loved. I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon. I found out that my blood pressure was high and it was looking like that I am diabetic. They ordered a fasting blood test for tomorrow. We took Pa to Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream after dinner.

Tuesday- I went early and had my blood drawn. Afterword, Pa , Bino and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast. When we got home ,my hubby told me we were going to the bike store and getting that Tri bike that I had my eyes on for my early birthday present. We spent the day there. For dinner , we went to my MIL's house for a family dinner.
Wednesday- I started my day with a 30 mile bike ride with my friend Ronda. While I was biking- Hubby, Bino, and Pa went fishing. In the evening, all of us sat out and watched the fireworks from the driveway.

Thursday - Bino, Pa, and I went to Hidden Lakes. While they were fishing, I got a short run in. It was a perfect morning.

In the afternoon, I took Pa to see my hospital where I work , the kids shool, and other points of interest.

Friday- I got up early and went on an 8 mile run. I got home to find Pa on the couch with Jerry watching TV.

In the evening our neighborhood had a big block party. it was fun for Pa to meet everyone. As usual , the police did stop by around 10.

Saturday- I drove Pa back home to Ohio. the week went so fast.

Sunday - I drove back from Ohio in the morning. Tomorrow is work! UGH. I did a 3 mile easy run this evening.

Waddling back to work after a great week off......................

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