Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This morning my alarm went off at 5am. The reason was so that I would get up and run before the heat and humidity hit today. I rolled over and ignored it. My hubby mentioned that i might want to beat the heat. My reply was a mumbled,"If I complain tonight- you can say I told you so!"

After work it was about 95 and very humid. I waited until the sun was going down to head out. I so regretted not getting up this morning. I was putting on my shoes talking to myself about how hot it still was when hubby walked by and said-I TOLD YOU SO.

I felt not so bad and did 2 miles of tempo running with a one mile warmup and cool down. My rib pain was a 3 out of a 10(worst). It did not hinder my breathing at all.

Run : 4 miles


Joe said...

Hey, it was humid this morning even at 5:30 (4:30am your time). But even that was better than now.

Glad the pain is subsiding...awesome to do tempo runs in this weather!

Vickie said...

It is much easier going in the morning, but it is still more humid then most days. As for the rib pain, it should get better within a couple of weeks. As long as your breathing isn't affected, it should be tolerable. You may be out of alignment from the fall too, and if you go to a chiropractor, now would be a good time to get adjusted. I have to get adjusted frequently because of misalignment of the ribcage area, and it makes a huge difference on everything when I do.