Tuesday, April 01, 2008


April 1 was a date that was circled on my calendar. This was the date would start to work on getting my wetsuit. I've decided to go shopping on Saturday. I am really nervous about this. Why? I've always dreaded seeing my self in a wetsuit. Another reason-I know nothing about wetsuits. Long sleeve or short sleeve? What brand? The biggest question is _ what is the appropriate attire to look for a wetsuit? This will definitely get interesting. Any information is appreciated.

I did get two workouts in today. In the AM, a 1700 swim workout and in the PM, a 30 min. run.

March Totals:
Run: 6h 51m - 32.49 Mi
Swim: 12h 26m - 18150 M
Strength: 1h 30m
Bike Trainer: 3h 00m
Spinning Class: 4h 35m

Waddling to watch the premier of my favorite show-Hell's Kitchen............


rocketpants said...

What are you planning to wear in your tri's? Tri shorts and a tri top? just wear those to try the wetsuit on or have your swim suit on under your clothes and try it on that way. That's my 2cents.

Mary Sunshine said...


Wetsuits are actually no easy thing to come to terms with...
I would wear a swimsuit underneath because that's what I usually do in a race.
My personal preference is the helix sleeveless. I do also have a full sleeve wetsuit but the one time I wore it in a race, I felt claustrophobic. No such problem with the sleeveless. I ordered my wetsuits online and I think they fit pretty well. They are supposed to feel tight when you put them on and when you get into the water they loosen up a bit. I was told to get water inside them initially and then "smooth" out all water and form a tight seal prior to the actual race. There is a noticeable constriction of breathing that happens and this takes some getting used to. Also, when trying on wetsuits in the store, I wonder if they will let you use Pam or bodyglide? I use Pam to get into my suit--and make sure to have socks on my feet to slip my feet in.

What a learning process!!! Best of luck. Please share whatever you learn with me!

J~Mom said...

I haven't had to buy one yet but look forward to hearing about what you find! Good luck!

21stCenturyMom said...

Trying on wetsuits is... trying. You will sweat and tug and swear. Wear your trisuit. If you don't have one yet then wear your bathing suit - a tri suit is not going to make a lot of difference.

What kind is a function of how cold the water you will be swimming in is. I swim in some really cold water so I have a full but this summer when I do Vineman I will roast in that thing so I may look for a used "John".

Take some plastic bags with you - the kind the newspaper comes in or grocery bags. Getting a wetsuit on is WAY easier if you put those bags on your feet first. Then on your hands while you get the arms on. Way easier.

You could use Bodyglide, too. I doubt they want you smeared in Pam, though.

Have fun!

IronSnoopy said...

You should ask Steve what he recommends. He'll know what to do.

Check your calendar and what water temps you'll be looking at for your races.

I have both a full suit and a sleeveless. I actually prefer my full sleeve to the sleeveless, unlike most peeps. It fits me better overall. Er, it does when I'm in shape.

Definitely second the shopping bag for donning it. And expect a bit of a struggle. I think I knocked everything over within a 65-foot radius when trying my first on one.

And no one looks good in a wetsuit. No one. Not even Craig Alexander! So just know that!

Yay shopping!

Melissa said...

I'll be interested in hearing about your experience as well. I've started looking at wetsuits since I have signed up for my first tri which will take place in mid-October.

I found this article from Bikesport Michigan today which was pretty helpful (I thought) in talking about fit considerations:


I have to agree with 21st Century Mom, no one really looks "good" in a wetsuit. I volunteered at the IM Cal 70.3 last weekend, and I will say both Craig and Andy Potts looked pretty hot nearing the finish line though. :)


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I bought a sleeveless because I'm a fair weather triathlete. I think full sleeves or sleeveless probably depends on temps of water you will swim in.

I called the service dept of one of the online stores and talked to someone. They recommended something based on my measurements/weight (do'nt get such and such because it will probably be too short for your, don't get such and such because they run snug in the middle, etc) and that seemed to lead me to a reasonable decision.

Of course there's also the question of how much $$ you are wanting to spend.

I don't envy you with shopping for your wetsuit. But once you get that out of the way, you'll be ready for some open water swimming. YAY!

Fe-lady said...

Just a heads up...NO ONE, (I repeat!) NO ONE looks hot in a wetsuit!
Good luck! There are many choices out there...it's not easy!

RunnerGirl said...

Let us know what you end up with!

Vickie said...

You won't need sleeves unless you are doing a full Ironman. They tend to bind on your shoulders anyway, so I would go with the sleeveless. Also, buy bigger than you think you need or is recommended. They never look flattering no matter what, but they look and feel a whole lot worse if too small. You're short, so you may have a little trouble finding something. I can't necessarily recommend brands. I have an Ironman, but there are other good ones out there. I would try them on and see what you like best. Ask about the thickness factor before buying one too. You probably don't need the one that is the thickest. And when checking for size, check for convenience in getting the thing zipped and unzipped. There was one brand that was much cheaper than the IM brand I bought, but it was so difficult to get zipped and unzipped I by-passed that right away. I would wear a swimsuit under your clothes so you can try it on with that. It will be more appropriate for trying them on and getting them off, and you get hot trying those things on. After a while you will be sweating and that will add a new dimension to getting them on and off. Good luck!