Saturday, October 11, 2008


Waddler and Snips
It is Chicago Marathon Eve and we are doing the final race prep. One issue has been the fact that we are both of the age that we need glasses and we only have one pair. This has lead to alot of laughs. We have just returned from our pre-race dinner at Houlihan's and currently Snips is diligently trying to iron our names on our shirts while I am trying to organize my stuff.

We had a great time at the expo this afternoon at McCormick Place. Snips bought and awesome ensemble which included a jacket,hat,and shirt.

My goal for tomorrow is simple. It is to finish and to enjoy the day. Time goals are totally out the window. I am relaxed and as ready as I can be. I am so excited for Snips since it is her first one and will enjoy being part of her journey.

Waddling through Chicago................

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