Monday, December 08, 2008


Tonight after work, it was a meeting of the minds to discuss Ironman training. Tri-Sharkie, Coach Steve ,and I got together at Panera. I felt like we covered alot of topics in a short time and gained alot of information about the journey ahead.

First and most importantly, Coach said a discussion is very important with spouse/boyfriend. This discussion should cover the time involved and the commitment ahead. Most weekends through the summer and fall will involve long runs and long rides-so both mornings will be shot. Even when going early this will have a huge affect on your life.

We talked about different plans and training thoughts. Tri-Sharkie is looking at a training plan by Endurance Nation. I am looking at a plan by Don Fink-"Be Iron-Fit". It seems like they are alot different but I think we will still get alot of training together.

Another concern is nutrition. I think I lucked out and did well in my half-iron. I know that this is an area that will have to be solid going into the full. At Beach2BAttleship, they have Hammer products on the course. So my plan is to see how they agree with me. I also want to try their Perpetuem.

I feel like there will be many discussions ahead of us and it will be an enjoyable journey. On parting, I asked coach if the morning swim workout was going to be easy and he just chuckled as he walked to his car.

Waddling to rest up for training...............


Duane said...

Perpetuem is great! But if you are going to have a bottle of it that you might not get to until real late, you may want to freeze it so it thaws later. It's great cold, nasty warm!

ShirleyPerly said...

I need to try out Hammer products too. In fact, I have a meeting with my coach this morning at Panera!

Calyx Meredith said...

I know Stef has used Hammer products and thinks they're great but I've heard not to mix them with anything else. I've been too chicken/broke to find a way to try the system. Now is probably a good time to change that. Sounds like the meeting with your coach went well. (I liked his web page.) Too funny that Shirley has a meeting with her coach at Panera too. Do they teach that at coach school you think?

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Sounds like a good meeting wtih coach! I'm excited for you as you get started on this journey to iron!


Good for you to start planning now!
Nutrition is what it's all about for me. I'm trying Perpetuem now during the off season, and the jury is still out. The Hammer gel does not work for me, but it might be great for you. Hope you had a great swim!

IronSnoopy said...

We have a crapton of Perpetuem just sitting...oh wait. Wild Bill has it. This weekend I will have a crapton of Perpetuem that you're more than welcome to have.

I'm a huge proponent of Hammer products, but it all boils down to what works for your body. Some people don't tolerate it well. Some people like the EFS Products. Some people like Infiniti. Fortunately for us, Hammer works!

I can give you pointers on how to make the perfect Pertushake! :)

And Steve is right...your weekends are ALL about the Ironman for months and months.